Creativity in Your Job Search

I meet a lot of people who plod along in their hopes of finding a new job. They spend considerable time scanning Indeed and other web sites and go through what can be the excruciating process of filling out forms online. They send their information into the employment equivalent of a black hole and never hear anything back. They get discouraged and often depressed, which then limits their enthusiasm, which negatively impacts on their attitude and useful job search activities.
My experience as a Job Coach and Counselor is that too many people stick with some job search method they may have learned in high school and get stuck. The following are some suggestions to get unstuck.
First, before you start your search figure out what you have to offer an employer. Many people start their search unprepared. You get a new position faster if you take a little longer in understanding your skills and accomplishments, think about the circumstances where you perform the best and understand all the resources you can use to find your next position.
Be proactive. Research companies online, through newspapers and magazines. If you see an organization is having a problem you can fix, write a one page proposal and address it to someone responsible for the issue. Sometimes positions are created for the right people.
Target companies you would like to work for. Find contacts, through who know people you know or on LinkedIn, and get the positive attention of someone in the organization. Seek a brief call/meeting. Many positions are filled before anyone actually posts them.
If you aren’t sure of what you are doing and want support, gather a small group of people who know you and are knowledgable about the industries or occupations you are interested in. Ask them to be your informal board of directors. Brainstorm with them.
Over the years I have heard hundreds of stories of job search creativity. You just need to get “out of the box” if you are feeling stuck.

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