Job Matching

A lot of our work is related to matching people to jobs. We work with organizations to make sure that they have considered the behavioral criteria or attributes that will be necessary to make the right hiring decision. Does the person need to be very persausive, resilient, empathic, social, detail-oriented, flexible, etc, etc. Many job descriptions look at skills that will be needed but overlook traits that will make the position work. When organizations fail to do so, they tend to have unnecessarily high turnover rates, which are an unnessary expense and disruptive to organizational effectiveness. We often see job descriptions that are not comprehensive and, thus, become an impediment in finding the right candidates. Not only do you need to find the right potential but then you need to ask the right behavioral questions.

Since we also work in providing career coaching, we direct our career clients to also look at matching themselves to jobs; lookng at how their competencies match with stated organizational needs. It can be frustrating to our individual clients, just as with organizational clients, when the job has not been well thought out. A good job match is a win-win, where both sides feel they have gotten what they wanted.

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