Network or Not Work – January 21, 2104

To be effective in a job search you need to be aware of resources and how to access them. Since networking produces somewhere between 65% and 75% of all jobs, people are your most important resource. Networking is more than just knowing people; it’s building alliances and creating win-win relationships. Whom you talk to should include family, friends, members of your community, and business relationships. While the ultimate purpose of networking is to get in contact with people who can make the decision to hire you, you should also consider the opportunities for information gathering about various occupations and industries (informational interviewing). You may discover there are great job opportunities in professions or organizations that you never considered before. Especially when you are thinking about trying something new, you should talk to people who are experienced in that field. Of the dozens of people I interviewed for my book, almost all said that networking was the single most important method of getting a job. Even those who hire from their own organization often did so from internal recommendations. People who hire through ads said that people often found out about the ads through an acquaintance and responses they received that included a recommendation from a mutual contact carried more weight.

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