Applicant Tracking Systems

Many organizations are using resume screening software to help them filter through the often overwhelming number of resumes they get for a job, It is still a good move to create your resume so that it will get to human eyes.

The software sorts your resume content into categories such as Contact Information, Education, Skills and Work Experience.

Then the employer’s list of keywords and phrases are matched against your resume and your resume is ranked by how close it compares to their desired model.

Closest matches are passed on to humans to evaluate

How should you handle this?

Tailor the resume to what they are looking for.

Research the company website to see what they are describing as important to them. 

Mirror the words in the job description. You do not want to total copy their description but you do want to include key phrases in your summary and scattered through your resumes accomplishments. 

Use the appropriate jargon for your profession.

If you are not sure of what to write, network with an expert or use a program like Word Cloud (see “and then I painted the garage”).

Provide your information in the resume in the format of bullets, not paragraphs.

Don’t use font small than 11. Don’t use script or italics.

Avoid graphics or strange configurations on your resume, they confuse the robot.

Always try to get your resume into the hands of the decision-maker through networking, if possible, to avoid the ATS screening process. It greatly increase your odds.

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