TMA has been providing customized career transition services since 1992. It is our philosophy that one size does not fit all but that each client is unique and that services for an individual going through a career transition/job search should be tailored for his or her particular needs. During this period economic restructuring it is especially important to help the individual make the most of his or her strengths, understand what their options are and have the tools to make them successful. That is what TMA  is about; skillfully coaching people to maximize their success.

Our coaching services generally begin with a thorough assessment of employment and education history, strengths (A strength is defined as an area where you have both a skill and are motivated to use that skill). Having an ability to do something well would not qualify as a strength if you had no desire to use it; you might be able to move furniture but would not want to earn a living that way. Likewise, having an interest in art does not necessarily make you an artist) and areas for growth, values, personality, accomplishments, motivators, interests, economic needs and other significant factors that will influence both the short and long term goals of the individual. A focus of our assessment process is using the Caliper Profile (We are a Caliper Certified Partner).  Once we are clear about what the client wants to pursue we examine what the realistic options are for them; included are employment trends, geographic considerations, future education and training interests and analysis of employer needs. Based on the above considerations we develop a job search strategy that includes developing appropriate tools such as resumes, cover letters and employment proposals, focuses on the best methods to meet potential employers, overcoming obstacles and maximizes use of time and making a positive impact. We practice interviewing skills through coaching and role-playing to insure that our clients have a justified sense of confidence in their ability to handle any situation. During the course of the job search we provide personalized support to the client to help them through the transition. This can supplied through one-on-one meetings, telephone, Skype and e-mail, based on the client’s preference. We remain available to the client until they complete their search. Each client receives a copy of the book …and then I painted the garage that provides detailed information about how to find the best job, faster.  

  • Assessment

  • Career Planning

  • Developing a Job Search Strategy

  • Creating Job Search Tools


          Cover Letters


  • Interview Practice

  • Ongoing Coaching through the Search

  • Coaching during Negotiation

  • Follow up after taking position