TMA has worked with individuals and organizations to develop Leadership skills. Using the paradigms of the Covey Leadership Center with sophisicated assessment instuments (like the Caliper Profile) we help our clients maximize their strengths and create practical action plans. Each participant develops a personal mission statement which is created in alignment with organizational goals.

The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – Newark, New Jersey

TMA helped create a Transitional Leadership Program for the state medical school (Rutgers Medical School). We created a thorough assessment process to help target middle-level employees (doctors, nurses, administrators) who could help the organization reach its full potential. We focused on the strengths of the participants and facilitated setting impactful goals for themselves and the organization. Process included workshops on leadership topics and individual coaching.

South Ward Community Leadership Organization – Newark, New Jersey

TMA led a two day workshop for community leaders in Newark, New Jersey’s South Ward. Program was paid for by Public Service Electric and Gas. Participants were leaders of a wide variety of social service agencies in the community. Workshop consisted of “lecturettes”, exercises (such as the Abilene Paradox) and multimedia (such as films of famous speeches). Model used Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Each participant developed a personal mission statement and an action plan to take back to their organization. Received excellent feedback from participants.

 Mercer Medical Center

Hospital leadership was being challenged by changing healthcare environment and new competition. Hospital had recently had a large consulting firm come in and their recommendations had seriously adversely affected morale. Turnover was high and significantly impacting on some departments. TMA provided workshops and coaching to Executive Team that led to changes in dealing with staff and “patient focused care”. Changes were made in organizational structure including reducing what had become a top heavy staff. Many people in the organization took on new leadership roles, while others had their positions redefined to better meet the organizations needs and made better use of their talents.

Trenton Municipal Court – Trenton, New Jersey

Chief Judge of the court felt the need to improve the court’s overall customer service to the community and to do this he needed all the judges and administrators to take on more active leadership roles. TMA conducted a thorough analysis of each participants strengths and weaknesses, shared values and goals. We helped develop greater awareness of each person’s leadship style, personal mission and organizational mission, and creating greater alignment for all employees. TMA provided assessment, consulting, workshops and coaching to the participants with the result that direction was clearer, communication improved and positive feedback from the public increased.