TMA can supply a competitive advantage for those going through a job search in this ever-changing job market. Using state-of-the-art assessments (Caliper, MBTI, Self Directed Search, Strengths Assessment, Personal Mission Development) our staff, each with a minimum of 20 years of career coaching/outplacement experience can guide you through a Job Matching process and aid you in getting the right job sooner. Our services include job search strategy, resume preparation, interview practice, support through negotiation and ongoing coaching.

Our mission is to help each of our clients find the best fit between their individual strengths and the options available to them. To do this we look at our clients’ life goals, behavioral preferences, family circumstances, education, work history, values, accomplishments, competencies and interests. We incorporate Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to help each individual become focused on getting the best job and choosing the right career at this time in their life

We service both corporate clients and individuals going through transition. Since 1992, we have worked with over 100 organizations going through downsizing and hundreds of individuals. Our services for organizations include cost effective group outplacement as well as individual coaching.

Corporate Transition Programs

Outplacement – Retirement Planning – Starting Your Own Business

  • Providing Career Transition Services to your employees helps the displaced person make a faster and smoother transition to new employment

  • Provides support to managers notifying the employee

  • Reduces the likelihood of legal complications

  • Improves your image in your community

  • Improves morale for employees, knowing that you aided their ex coworkers

We treat each individual as an individual, tailoring our services to meet their needs. The core of our coaching is based on helping the individual understand their core strengths through a comprehansive assessment (accomplishments, values, personal mission, motivation, work environment, potential for growth, etc) , then creating a job search strategy that focuses on effective job search skills and on the focus of matching their skills to the opportunities available. We assist in creating winning resumes, cover letters, employment proposals, and train in effective job interviewing and networking. We work with the individual until they land a satisfactory position.


We work with students and recent graduates through a career planning process. We provide a thorough assessment and a practical plan to help get the person moving in the right direction.

Training & Notification Support for Terminations

Including Transition Management Associates in the planning of a reduction-in-force or individual layoff will result in a smoother transition. We have more than 25 years of experience in working with large projects and dealing with the most sensitive of situations. We will be there to support your organization during the entire process, making it easier on managers, HR and the employees leaving the organization. We can provide training in the most effective and humane ways in termination, helping you avoid pitfalls that can cause unnecessary pain and lead to litigation. Our training in behavioral health provides greater capacity to address employee reactions and counsel them on their next steps to a successful transition.

Group and Blended Programs

Group programs can be provided when the need is to work with larger groups of employees and reduce costs. Workshop can prepare groups of candidates to manage their own job searches effectively and / or they can be combined with limited one-to-one followup with employees to address individual issues. Workshops can be one to two days in lengths.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning can benefit your organization in many ways. As a benefit to loyal employees it can help them make the transition easier. For the organization seeking to reduce its workforce and costs, it can provide the motivation for individuals to take their next career step. As our workforce changes, and the economy continues to be uncertain, retirement has changed in its meaning. People are living and working longer. The individual retiring from one position may be on the brink of starting a new career, working part time, relocating, dealing with significant changes in health, family and social circumstances. One thing is certain; when people have a clear focus and a plan to succeed they are more likely to be successful. Our individual retirement coaching or Next Steps: Retirement Workshops, can make this transitions easier.