Our Services include:

Maximizing Staff Effectiveness – TMA’s Team Building Programs improve the strength and effectiveness of the team. In a workshop setting, the team engages in open and honest discussions of their specific team challenges, and participants come away with a common set of goals and clearly defined roles designed to optimize team cohesiveness. By minimizing sources of conflict and improving trust, accountability, and communication, the overall performance of the team accelerates. For more information, Maximizing Staff Effectiveness

Talent Assessment – TMA’s talent assessment solutions range from providing assessment and feedback for current staff, to defining future staff needs. In order to do that it is improtant to consider each staff member’s core stregths, motivators and personal purpose values. We use different assessment tools to produce these results. The process then provides recommendations on job definition, hiring, on-boarding, team building , and aligning performance with your business direction. For more information, Talent Assessment

Leadership Development – TMA has worked with individuals and organizations to develop Leadership skills. Using the paradigms of the Covey Leadership Center with sophisicated assessment instuments (like the Caliper Profile) we help our clients maximize their strengths and create practical action plans. Each participant develops a personal mission statement which is created in alignment with organizational goals. For more information,  Leadership Development

Career Transition and the Career Transition Process – TMA  has been providing customized career transition services since 1992. It is our philosophy that one size does not fit all but that each client is unique and that services for an individual going through a career transition/job search should be tailored for his or her particular needs. During this period economic restructuring it is especially important to help the individual make the most of his or her strengths, understand what their options are and have the tools to make them successful. That is what Transition Management Associates is about; skillfully coaching people to maximize their success. For more information, Career Transition