…and then I painted the garage

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We are offering special pricing to college students (and recent grads) on a great career decision / job search special edition e-book and then I painted the garage (in full color). ATIPTG will help you get focused on a career and a job that will be appropriate for your competencies, values, personality and motivators. Work is so much more than simply getting a paycheck and this book, filled with assessments and proven job search methods, will help you find the right position, using the most effective methods.

Larry Finkelstein has extensive experience in helping people transition to jobs that are satisfying and meet their goals. He has worked with dozens of industries and with entry-level employees to CEO’s. Larry has taught at The College of New Jersey, Fairleigh Dickenson University and Rider University on Career Development and Green Jobs. In addition, he has consulted to various state and county agencies on career development, job search and mentoring.

For personal counseling you can contact him through his website www.larryfinkelstein.org